7 PR Secrets Every Founder Should Know But Are Not Told

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Let’s face it. Most founders think Public Relations (PR) is something that a college intern can do by Mailchimping a pitch to a list of reporters scrapped from the Internet. It’s usually the last thing a startup or founder thinks of while they’re building their company. Even some notable startup blogs think that hiring a PR firm for a startup is a huge mistake. Huge mistake!

I’m sure as a founder, you struggle to figure out when to do PR, what type of PR you need and more importantly, how to go about getting your message out into the world. Don’t worry. I specifically wrote the 7 PR secrets every founder should know but are not told for the startup founder who wants to understand how PR can help their business and to make the right decisions about who to hire and when to hire them.

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What is This Series All About

This series is all about educating startup founders on how PR can help their business, what materials founders need and what founders should look for when embarking on any PR campaign. 

In today’s world, the lines between PR, Marketing, and Social Media are blurred. Social Media has given founders the chance to promote their companies without having to spend a lot of money yet founders often overlook a lot of opportunity by not exploring some of the more traditional or not-so-traditional PR avenues.

This series will explore those traditional and not-so-traditional PR avenues so that founders can get the maximum exposure for their companies or brand. These secrets are ones that I have used with lots and lots of startups, professional athletes, and non-profits. Some of these secrets revolve around how traditional PR techniques, like the Press Release, can be used to maximize exposure while others deal with what is actually newsworthy.

PR is all about getting your company the best possible exposure so that customers know how you can help them solve a problem they have. Essentially, you need to get people to know who you are, like what you are doing, and trust you enough to fork over their hard-earned dollar bills for your products or services.

Startups Need the Right Kind of PR

Startups are unique in that they are trying to create a product or service that has not existed before. This makes getting PR a lot harder since traditional media channels may not fully understand how your company is going to change the world.

Even publications like TechCrunch and Fast Company are hard for startups to get into simply because there is always a lot of new and innovative companies clamoring for coverage. In some cases, even getting covered may not give you the kind of exposure you were looking for.

That’s why I wrote the 7 PR secrets every founder should know but are not told so that you can become educated as to how PR can help you grow your business. Join us below for the FREE series delivered right to your inbox.


A Little About Me

Jane2I’ve been doing PR for 15 years and been running my own PR firm for 12 years. I’ve worked with a number of high profile personalities, companies and non-profits. I’ve seen it all.

I’m going to share with you some PR secrets that I’ve learned along the way. But I’m going to warn you, some of this is going to hurt (your ego). Yes. BUT it will certainly help you run successful PR for your company, yourself and lead you to success if you are willing to take up the challenge.

PR has evolved a lot over the years and unfortunately, some in the industry have not evolved away from the old models and techniques that are not as effective as they used to be. Couple that with the boom in Social Media and the amount of noise on the Internet, and it’s even harder to get your message out in the world.

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