What We Do



” We take you to the top. “




Individual Talent Publicity

Utilizing written publications, television, radio, and special events to develop client’s image. Maximize exposure with effective and innovative strategies.


Brand Marketing

Constructing marketing strategies to client’s target demographic and fostering long-term brand awareness of given client or producut







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Social Media Marketing

Cultivating a relevant and modern social media presence for client on avenues such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat  



Media Plan Development

Creating a comprehensive media plan over a period of time to achieve client’s personal and project goals.








Brand Building

Developing the client into a brand that can be widely recognized in the public’s eye.


Online Marketing and Public Relations

Utilizing web blogs and popular websites to connect with fans and consumers.








 Charitable Affiliations

Working with charity organizations to give back to the community.


Media Training

Work with clients on their media presence on radio, television or in print publication interviews.







Grass Roots Marketing and Public Relations

Developing unique strategies to market clients and their products, whether it be with creative tie-ins with other entertainment sectors.


Event Planning

Create events to build buzz about clients and their projects.






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