We are a dedicated and creative team that loves telling our clients stories.


Partner and CEO


Jarie is an engineer by training and an entrepreneur by nature. He has over 20 years of experience bringing innovative technology products to market. This gives him a unique perspective on the power of storytelling for businesses since the best story, not technology, wins. He has published six books with his latest being a Big Idea Nonfiction book called The Entrepreneur Ethos which shows how to build a more ethical, inclusive, and resilient entrepreneur community. You can follow him at his blog, https://thedailymba.com or on Twitter @thedailymba or right here at JSY PR.


Director of Client Services


Victoria is a dedicated public relations professional who currently co-leads the JSYPR team’s PR efforts in San Francisco. As the Director of Client Services, she oversees the company’s portfolio of clients and is responsible for business operations, growth and managing the agency’s talent. She also provides strategy and planning for clients in the tech, non-profit and professional athlete spheres, among others. Day-to-day, Victoria focuses on fostering relationships with clients, event and tour planning, writing award submissions and grants, and strategic social media campaigns.


Jane Yin Bolander (March 2, 1981 – April 3, 2017) was the founder and CEO of JSY PR and Marketing, a firm that helped professional athletes, non-profits, and startups tell their story. She had over fifteen years of PR and Marketing experience and had been running JSY PR & Marketing for over twelve years. Her clients included celebrities such as Dontari Poe, Amare Stoudemire, Lance Briggs, Anna Rawson, and Amel Larrieux.
Jane was an advocate for minority and women owned businesses. She would often volunteer to coach and mentor them. She had a particular passion for stopping human trafficking via her work with the Bay Area Anti-Trafficking Collation. She was a loving daughter, devoted friend, and caring wife who was taken from us way too soon.


Our usual engagement model is to first do a narrative workshop. This will give both of us an idea if we can and should work together. The next usual step is a 6-9 month engagement on a retainer basis to develop and implement the plan. It usually takes that long to see results with new PR, Marketing, and Messaging

Having been in the business for over a decade, we have established close and trusted relationships with journalists, broadcasters and editors in many industries, both in the US and internationally.

Yes. One of our  specialties is technology startup PR since Jarie has been at 6 technology startups ranging from semicondictors to biotech to digital health.

Costs will vary depending on the scope of the work. Typically, we recommend doing a lot of your own PR/Communications/Marketing if you can’t afford to spend at least 10-20% of revenue on such efforts for at least 6 months.

The question is actually whether you have the time to do it. Every minute you spend writing a well crafted article or press release or finding the correct contact information for the correct journalist to pitch is a minute not spent doing what you do best: running your business.

We do PR full time. We have expert knowledge and experience of designing editorial calendars and campaigns, pitching and writing convincing stories, event planning, product launches as well as a well developed contact list and relationships with journalists.

While social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, will allow you many more options when it comes to getting your message out to a targeted audience, nothing gives more kudos and ROI than having your company written about favorably in a widely-read and trusted outlet.

Yes. We can help you formulate your brand message, look, and feel. We work with various designers and developers to hone in what will make your brand stand out.

That depends on what you are trying to achieve as an organization. Studies show that people are far more likely to believe a news story than an advertisement, and the ROI on public relations leaves advertising’s ROI in the dust. Being constantly bombarded with ads where they look online and in real-life, people have trained themselves to ignore advertising. For less cost than advertising, PR creates a more credible message.