“This is the second nonprofit that I have worked with JSY PR. They helped MedShare streamline our communications and increase our net funds raised two years in a row. Their staff is professional and a joy to work with. They get the challenges that non-profits to face especially when it comes to media placements and relations. They are my go-to PR firm.”

Eric Talbert, Western Reginal Director

“Jarie and his team were tremendously impactful on growing our Drobo product lines reviews and press coverage. They are a joy to work with, and are very responsive, professional, and creative.”

Samina Subedar, VP Marketing

Drobo & StorCentric 

“Human Trafficking is a complex and sensitive issue. The communication strategies needed to be effective must be direct yet compassionate. JSY PR gave us excellent guidance on how to communicate our evolving vision. They helped us get the magnitude of press coverage that made our collaborative No Traffick Ahead effort a regional success and model for the rest of the country. JSY’s strategic advice on how to frame our thinking while we expand our efforts beyond the San Francisco Bay Area continues to strengthen our impact to disrupt the criminal business of human trafficking.”

Betty Ann Hagenau

Founder, BAATC

“Jane and her team at JSY PR have significantly helped EMERGENCY USA increase the impact of our communications across many avenues such as TV, print, online and events. They are incredibly effective and efficient! I highly recommend JSY PR to my non-profit colleagues looking to increase the impact of their communications.”

Eric Talbert, Executive Director

“I’m quite impressed by Jane and her team. The energy they put into work with us and the results they achieve are impressive. Their PR efforts have not only resulted in 80% greater coverage for us, but have also resulted in new business / customer relationships.”

Brad Jung, EVP of Sales and Marketing
Lab Sensor Solutions

“Jarie and the entire JSYPR team is an absolute diamond. The great thing is he’s been through it all. So, if you’re reading this as a startup founder, that’s an engineer, that’s building some technology – but don’t know how to strategize your business model, PR, marketing, and strategy. Jarie and JSYPR is the team for you. Really, I have nothing but praises to sing for the team, and you can personally e-mail me if you want a reference check!”

Case Study

Ravi Kurani, Founder and CEO
Sutro Connect

“Jarie’s workshop on storytelling is essential material for any founder. As company leaders, we have a duty to effectively communicate our vision and mission to the world. Whether the audience is customers, investors, press, employees, or potential cofounders, the success of our business relies our ability to tell stories that engage our audience. The workshop distilled our company and product into a compelling narrative, ending months of internal branding and messaging disagreements. This course should be taught in business school!”

Jeremiah Adler, Co-founder and CEO

“The JSY Team helped us clarify our story and land the cover of the esteemed International Society of Automation (ISA)’s InTech Magazine. We’re thrilled with the results and know that our story gets better every day thanks to JSY.”

Case Study

Bob Hagenau

“Jane Bolander is someone who I did not know and became very close with through our time building my foundation. She was & is dedicated to making things more than presentable, is an extremely hard worker and helped tremendously with many ideas. And although not personally stricken with diabetes, it seemed she put herself in my shoes which made things amazing as we worked together.”

Gary Forbes
Professional Basketball (NBA) Player

“The whole JSY Team is exceptional. They have helped me and my foundation help a lot of kids. It’s great working with a team that gets the challenges the kids we serve face. They have good hearts and know how to tell our story to get folks to donate to our Football and Founders Camp.”

Dontari Poe

Professional Football Player (NFL) & Investor