CPLANE.ai’s software platform provisions, coordinates, and automates across multiple layers of digital resources simultaneously including security, networking, virtualization, and applications. This is especially important for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) that has to manage thousands upon thousands of devices in a manufacturing environment. This technique is called system orchestration.

System orchestration is the art and science of providing “digital life cycle management” to large, complex systems. It has long been used in large-scale telecommunications networks, sophisticated enterprise data centers, and web-scale data centers.

Orchestration for a New Market 

Orchestration tools and techniques are used to allow a single operator, or even no operator, to manage huge and complex digital infrastructures. 

Industrial orchestration manages all compute elements, software stacks, control applications, networks, and containers as a single, integrated system. As next-generation industrial control systems transition to a rapidly maturing and increasingly complex digital technology stack, system orchestration customized for industrial systems is a key element in delivering “system-ness” from open components from multiple vendors.

Client Challenge

CPLANE.ai needed to get industry-specific coverage of their upcoming whitepaper release on work they did with ExxonMobil related to their digital infrastructure orchestration pilot. Their approach is unique and novel for manufacturers but not for Information Technology companies that have been doing this type of work for decades. 

The challenge was to explain what they are doing as both meeting a need for manufactures as well as proven in other industries.

JSYPR’s Approach

We leveraged our experience pitching media and our technical expertise to tell the story about how orchestration is not a new concept in Information Technology (IT) but is in manufacturing. It’s this crossover of proven technology to a new market that is the exciting part of CPLANE.ai’s story.


JSY PR was able to get broad coverage from industrial control media. This brought rapid credibility to CPLANE.ai. The resulting coverage is a follows:



This coverage is the basis for how CPLANE.ai will talk about what they do and how it helps the Industrial Internet of Things community.


“The JSY Team helped us clarify our story and land the cover of the esteemed International Society of Automation (ISA)’s InTech Magazine. We’re thrilled with the results and know that our story gets better every day thanks to JSY.” — Bob Hagenau, CEO of CPLANE.ai

“In ARC’s view, this work [CPLANE’s Whitepaper] is essential because it has the potential to dramatically improve engineering productivity over the entire system lifecycle as well as improve the accuracy with which important system development, system operation, and maintenance tasks are performed.”  — Harry Forbes, ARC Advisory Group

“CPLANE.ai exceeded our expectations on what is possible in demonstrating the management of a converged IT/OT industrial control system. System orchestration is growing in visibility and importance within the Open Process Automation™ Forum (OPAF) and many of the findings of this pilot will help us shape the evolution of our standards.” — Don Bartusiak, Chief Engineer for Process Control at ExxonMobil Research and Engineering