Childcare is Top of Mind for Parents


Parents are worried about when they have to go to work, they will not have childcare. I have heard this from multiple parents and it’s a real concern. Social distancing is having a big effect on kids and some parents are doing “porch playdates” to give their kids some social interaction with other kids. Distance learning is also top of mind with a wide variety of different approaches across grade and school in the SFUSD. It’s maddening how much time on the computer they have.

It looks like contact tracing and testing will be needed to open things back up. This is especially true if the data about asymptomatic carries holds. Either way, it would be a good idea to ramp that to 10x our current levels.

Love that the folks in the Sunset are mobilizing to help others out. Maybe we can get some tech folks together to make this city-wide site for all sorts of things. Kinda like a Task Rabbit for recovery. Call it Recovery Rabbit (hat tip to TA for the idea). I’m sure someone like Marc Andreessen would fund that.

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Want to Learn More or Help?

Go over to the COVID-19 Economic Recovery Task Force (ERTF) page for more information. If you have not already done so, please take this survey to tell the task force your thoughts on how we can recover from this.

The Task Force is charged with guiding the City’s efforts through the COVID-19 recovery to sustain and revive local businesses and employment, mitigate the economic hardships already affecting the most vulnerable San Franciscans, and build a resilient and equitable future.

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