Sutro Connect is a Smart Home company that makes a Smart Water Monitor that ensures that your pool (or spa) water is safe for a swim. Their technology is based on reagents, which is the gold standard for testing water quality and is unique within the marketplace.

Keeping your pool water clean and safe is a major hassle. In fact, the entire pool and spa industry revolves around water and making it safe to enjoy. Most pool owners will attest that keeping your pool clean and balanced is the single thing that keeps them up at night.

Client Challenge

Smart water monitoring for pools and spas is nothing new. The competitors in the marketplace have made a lot of noise but did not deliver on their promises. This has made the adoption of water testing robots harder. On top of that, the pool and spa industry traditionally lags in technology adoption and has a strong infrastructure of dealers that is hard to crack.

The challenge for Sutro was to launch an innovative product into a skeptical market that already has competitors that muddied the smart water monitoring waters. Pun intended.

JSYPR’s Approach

We knew that we’d have to dispel the rumors that smart water technology does not work and is a threat to pool and spa professionals. We also worked closely with the Sutro team to understand how Sutro can be positioned as a net positive for the industry.

The traditional Smart Home/IoT brand approach is one of a “gadget” or “see our cool thing” and what it does. This approach would not work for an industry that was already skeptical of how much smart technology would take away their business.

Our smart water ecosystem approach is how we solved this problem. Instead of being yet another gadget company, Sutro has an ecosystem that benefits the whole industry.


Over the course of 2 years, the smart water ecosystem idea has been gaining traction from our first award at CES, coverage in TechCrunch to a review in Swimming Pool Learning about how much better the smart monitor is from its competitors.

These positive reviews and an ecosystem approach has led to:


“Jarie and the entire JSYPR team is an absolute diamond. The great thing is he’s been through it all. So, if you’re reading this as a startup founder, that’s an engineer, that’s building some technology – but don’t know how to strategize your business model, PR, marketing, and strategy. Jarie and JSYPR is the team for you. Really, I have nothing but praises to sing for the team, and you can personally e-mail me if you want a reference check!”  — Ravi Kurani, Founder and CEO

“The Spin Dock-tor allows pool and spa professionals to connect directly to water analysis data generated at both retailers and in the field,” said V.P. of LaMotte, Richard LaMotte. “The goal is simple, prevent problems by tracking trends and alerting both customers and pool and spa professionals when things drift out of line.”

“We are excited to partner with Sutro Connect,” said Pierre Goudreault, CEO of Sani Marc Group. “Clean water is essential to enjoying life and we are committed to making safe and clean water a reality for everyone. Technologies like Sutro’s Smart Water Monitor are the types of projects we love and are looking forward to helping Sutro roll out their products in North American and beyond.”