How to use Chatbots to Improve Your PR and Marketing.

Recently, I bought some clothes on Boy Meets Girl and instead of sending me a receipt, the company chatbotted to me all of my order information via Facebook messenger. When the package shipped, the bot informed me, when it arrived to my office, the bot let me know. I guess they could’ve sent me an email but the bot experience was a lot more seamless.

This got me thinking about how Public Relations and Marketing are evolving constantly with the onslaught of these tools. Chatbots can help make your communication with your customers more seamless since now most people are accessing the Internet on mobile and spending a lot of time in some sort of messaging app.

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Get Personal with your Customers.

Chatbots give brands a way to communicate directly to their customers because they hook into the chat tools that people are using every day. They give you an opportunity to get personal with your customers through specific questions and give users a chance to personalize their experience with the bot too.

A Chinese company Operator just closed a $15 million Series B round to expand their “conversational commerce” technology. With half of the activity on Operator automated by bots, the company is able to get to know their customers at an intimate level and target their marketing to the specific sectors of people that they use the platform based on the traits exhibited.

This gives their public relations team insights to make an easier job of deciding how to target their clientele. Bots can answer questions like:

What type of purchasing behavior did the customer exhibit before purchasing the dress she was eyeing? Did she want a lot of detailed information and want to see multiple models wearing it?

It’s similar to analytics on websites but with more interactions and customer engagement since chatbots approach a one on one conversation.

Bringing Your Brand Personality to Life

If you’re a small company, and you’re reading this wondering, how in the world you can offer a chatbot to my customers? Have no fear. Brazilian-based Movile has created a tool called ChatClub that allows anyone and any brand to easily create their own chatbot within Facebook Messenger. The best thing of all — it’s completely FREE.

How to use Chatbots to Improve Your PR and MarketingThe nice thing about creating your own chatbot is that it allows you to add some personality to your brand and make the user experience a lot more useful. That’s why I think it’s going to be a valuable tool in your PR and Marketing arsenal.

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