Yet Another Product Launch Press Release Template.

Your product is almost ready to be launched and now you need to figure out how to maximize your coverage. Plenty of products are launched each year, but you need to make yours stand out. In order to do that, you need to write the perfect press release that is not only compelling, but is enough to catch the eye of the media and not get lost in the sea of other products that want the same attention as you. In order be the found needle in the haystack, here is Yet Another Product Launch Press Release Template (YAPLPRT) that’ll guide you to crafting your perfect press release. Not enough time to do a press release? Not on your new product release checklist? Well, you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity since a press release is the tip of your new product release media spear.

Company Description

Your company description is imperative for your customer to be able to get to know who you are. It gives you credibility, authenticity, and insight to everything your company does. It is how you brand yourself. What makes you unique is going to help define what makes your product stand out among competition. In thinking of this, it is essential that you channel the same voice from your PR narrative so that your messaging is consistent.

Simple Product Description

A good press release always tells the most important details about the product you are launching. You have to be straight to the point, clear and concise. Most people won’t even read past the first few sentences, so in order to capture the attention that your product deserves, you have to be able to explain what your product is in a simple but captivating way. Think about you buyer. What type of person do they have? In order to write a compelling product description, you have to have an idea of who your buy is and cater it to them. Your product description must encourage your buyer to buy by making it simple, but enticing in the way it benefits them.

Executive Quote

Product brag. Here is where you can utilize your “product brag”. You will want to get someone in your company who will speak highly about your product and make it sound amazing. This adds to your credibility because if you can convey your love for your product, it’ll give you the authenticity needed to convince your customer to love it.

Reasons to Care

What makes your product unique? When launching a new product, you have to be able to give your customer a reason to care about it. You have to know what how your product will make your customer’s life a little bit easier. How can it benefit them? A good way to make sure your product captures your audience’s attention, you have to channel that desire within them that makes them think that they absolutely need your product. Tell a story, and make your product the hero of that story. People respond to connection and they love empathy. In order to make your product stand out you have to make people feel a personal connection to your product by channeling the empathy that we all so fiercely desire.

Customer Quote

This is very similar to your executive quote, except it is your customer testimonial. You will need one customer that thinks that you are great and that is able to represent your customer base and continue to build your credibility. Your customers have to be able to trust you, and what better way to build trust than to have someone that they feel is just like them to promote your product.

About the Company

Every company has a personal story to tell. It is something that will connect potential customers to your brand. Here is where you emphasize your company values in terms of how you benefit the way we live. Your ability to expand on this idea is what will make your company stand out in today’s market. It is easy to get lost as a small fish in a large sea. How does your brand make lives better, and how will your persona create a loyal customer base. You ultimately decide the vision and legacy that you want to leave. You decide your impact, and how you define your company is a good place to start.

Press Contact

Now that you have the body of your press release, you’ve reached the final step. This is where you reach out to prospective journalists to cover your story. When doing this, prioritize it by who has covered the industry you are trying to reach and personalize it. Show your thought process and show you care about what they write by connecting yourself to them. Send it to them early so they are able to craft a story around your press release. Lastly, don’t be afraid to try multiple outlets and keep trying! You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. You have your goal, now go after it!

Some Examples

Here are a list of some pretty good product release press releases. You’ll find that it’s not that hard to create one that gives all of the details in easy to understand language. Remember, explain things simply, with minimal words so that your grandmother can understand it.

Simple Template

To make things really simple, just cut and paste the text below into a text editor to remind you what you’ll need. You can expand from the simple yet effective product launch press release once you get the basics down. Good luck and happy creating.



[City, State] — [Date] — <<Company Description>> <<Simple Product Description>>

<<Executive Quote>>

<<Reasons to Care>>

<<Customer Quote>>

About the Company

<<Company Description>>

Press Contact

[Name][Firm][Email][Phone Number][Website]

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